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MENCLUB AUTO-【千禧第一戰】Subaru S201 STi Version(2000年)

Johhny Stoka : Commie bastard .
冥地獄 : 以加點解唔見左佢(肥仔主持)嘅
RAIDER 0-1 : The exterior looks Riced ☹
chiyung leung : 1998年我哥係日本訂部GC8單門唔改腦都係無用180就cut油不過係幾靚,反而再新出果D款無甘型,辣味無咁重
Wesley C : This Impreza's looks very good body, I like this, that's my favorite JDM car.
死了都要愛 : 打柒
Kayser Wong : 把聲靚到呢!!!
leaf lost : impreza五速波箱脆弱係出左名 好多人都換左
Wu Mark : 是頭文字d嗎?
Chris S.V : awesome but we need subtitles!

Unicorn JDM! Subaru Impreza S201 WRX STi (1-of-300)

I had no idea how special this car was when I first laid eyes on it. Even having seen a few of the more recent S-series STi Imprezas, it didn't register that the S201 was where it all started. This very limited production enthusiasts' car is packed with STi goodies, from suspension, to engine tuning, to that distinctive body kit with the bookshelf on the boot lid.

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#OldSchoolJDM #SubaruWRXSTi
Graves : Amazing !! I love your vids bro !!
ʀᴇᴛʀᴏᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ : I love whacky JDM, the whackier the better but this truly is a sight not for the weak stomach. if it wasn't two tone it might not look so hideous!. The odd vertical shape of the spoiler and it's height just looks grotesque. The front bumper is actually very nice, i could live with the rear even though it's ridiculous, the side skirts are also okay. In summary i'd certainly drive it with pride and enjoy the attention but it wouldn't be on my list of cars to buy. I do think the looks of it would grow on you in time. .... i think..
dquad : Thanks for featuring my car in the sticker segment
Scale Models by jdm24scale : The S201 too bad it's not kept in a better condition considering the rarity, but still very cool seeing it on the road
kevin perryman : Hi Dan love your videos, i,m from Ormeau in QLD i bought a gc8 wrx 1999 model Australian delivered 2 months ago and i'm loving it ,always wanted one ,that's one more off the bucket list! I have never seen footage of a S201 thanks for this you've made my week. Have a good one cheers.
gred cz : cool :D. there certainly is something to this styling. but same as you, when i seen it for the first time i wasnt too sure if this is oem or whats going on there hahaha
WikdSeafood : I can't say that I find it attractive, but it is unique.
David Barnsley : Mate we will give you a forward slap
I would like it in my garage top vid mr and I want a rear book shelf for my falcon. Like that
Now off for some stickers
wtf isthis : Did u really just talk about the front bar and call it a jaw line? When do cars have jaws!!! This fucking guy!!!!!
Why the hell show a rusty 180sx!!! U have really bad taste in cars!!!!
Wheelnut78 : What were Subaru thinking? Still, good to see one in the wild, tho I was more interested in the Copen in the background.

Karbonn titaniam dazzle s201 unboxing

its a good Mobile,
1gb ram
2 GB internal memory
4.2.2 android
nice battery backup,
low graphics
Shivpujan Jaiswal : App




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